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I have a guy interested in trading his 1990 Miata for my 1990 MX6.

Stats on MX6:
172k miles.
7k miles on brand new head from Mazda
Good clutch (doesn't feel too stock)
Brand new tires
17" baller wheels
Solid exterior
Everything works (oscillating air vents FTW!)
Supra 440cc injectors
Supra 50trim turbo (fresh, installed 300 miles ago)
REAL Greddy Type S bov
Tial 38mm wastegate
3" exhaust straight out bumper
New exhaust manifold gasket
New turbo gasket
Greddy Profec B Spec II EBC
Innovate LC-1 wideband
New oil pan gasket
Brand new 2nd gen MX6 KYB GR2s
Brand new 2nd gen Megan Racing springs (4" drop AWESOME!)
newtiming belt
new oil pump
new water pump
new valve cover gasket
new knock sensor
new shift linkage bushings
new NGK wires and plugs

Specs on Miata:

90 mazda miata
i have a 90 miata

new tires
new motor 80k
new internals
new water pump
new timingbelt
new cleaned out intake manifold
new fuel filter
new injectors
lightwieght rims
torsen 2 upgrade lsd rearend and axels and driveshaft all from a 01
new pressureplate stage 2
new clutch stage1
new 8lbs flywheel
new wires plugs and coils
new gaskets all the way around no leaks anywhere
new 25% tint
power windows
new breaks and rotors
new cd player
new spaekers
new header 4-2-1
new cat back exhaust no cats
new fluids and royal purple synthetic diff fluid
all fluids synthetic

2 rust spots
one on dricers rocker easy fix
one on pass rear wheel well about a nickel size
dent can be popped out its right above the drivers quarter

askin 3500 to break even with the money i put in it
open to all trades
I will likely not offer any money on top of trade, $500 at most. I'm well aware that it'll be WAY slower, but the car seems solid, and has way more recent work put into it than i've put into mine. But... it's right wheel drive, it's small, it's a Miata.


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white-lightning said:
Sounds like a deal. It only has 80k on the motor and the '01 rear end can't have too many miles. BPT swap!
Meh... if it gets swapped it'll be for something quite a bit more extreme, and quite a ways down the road.

My only reservations about doing this trade is that the MX6 is uhmmm... Fast. Like.... Hold-onto-your-balls-we're-going-to-torque-steer-into-that-wall fast.

Which, of course, is stupid for a DD. But it's nice to have that power on tap when you want it. And there's no indications that the MX6 is a bad DD, either. They're built like brick S***houses.

The Miata is just one of those cars, though.... everyone needs one at one point.
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