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Should I Go Turbo Or Nos

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I got a 94 GT. I want to know the if i should go Turbocharger or Nos. What are the disadvantages and advangtages. Make it faster baiscally. Thanks
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I´d go Turbo instead of NOS...you´d have to keep refilling the NOS when you keep using it...but the turbo is there to stay until it breaks or the engine dies. After I turbo my scort and get it tuned I might get some NOS, but I´d use it at the track only.
It all depends on how you plan to use it. If you want power you can use at the track, N2O is almost something for nothing. Turbo is more streetable.

Easy to install
Bottle doesn´t run out as much as people think
Easily Hidden

Need to upgrade fuel system and possibly think about ignition system
One lean burn with it and your motor would be toast

Forced Induction:
Need to *Engineer* the set up
Need to LEARN HOW and WHY the car does what it does
Requires constant tuning and adjusting
Must have a decent set of tools
Boost doesn´t always make you as fast as you want
Must run PREMIUM All the time
Poor gas mileage

BOV and Spoolage
Serious power gains
GT motor handles boost well and 91-93 blocks pre-tapped for oil to turbo
Chicks dig gauges, fast cars, and the blow off valve
And its addicting...you´ll be boosting friends cars, go-karts, whatever you can get your hands on.
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If you are able to go turbo i would.. just like THEBLADE said and his reasons. NOS is just to sketchy to me, plus no one ever expects an escort with a turbo.
i think turbo you might spend a pretty piny but you wast that NOS so id go turbo
Also, you might want to consider that in most places, NOS is illegal to use on the street, turbos aren´t.
Well Okay so I looked at it this way.....
When I wanted to turbo the EGT my friends were driving:
Saab 9000 Turbo
Civic EX Turbo
3000GT VR4
Eclipse GST (24psi at the track)

At our club meetings they joked about calling it Turbo´dOut instead of TachedOut.....I kind of felt left out. But I felt the pull of a turbocharged car and I fell in love. There´s something about turbolag that´s just awesome.

Anyhow, I went turbo because it never goes away, if you give it gas you spool and go. No refills, no anything...that and the closest place to get a bottle refill is 100miles away from here.

Besides...go turbo THEN ADD N2O :-W :-]
"Chicks dig gauges, fast cars, and the blow off valve
And its addicting...you´ll be boosting friends cars, go-karts, whatever you can get your hands on. "

Hrm.. a built "20hp" v-twin Briggs & Stratton engine running 20psi on the back of a little one person gocart has some appeal.. I must tell you. :-]
wow, when you can match psi to HP, you know it´s gunna be zippy! :-]
:-Z :-Z :-Z
Yeah, I just want to turbo a new something or other this summer...but with my living situation getting screwed over its not going to happen.
May I suggest a riding lawnmower? :-]

How about a weedeater? Bwwwwaaaaaaaawoooooooooosh!

A turboed minibike or moped would r0xx0r :-W
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 2415069359

what do u think of that? how much more do i need? how much does it cost to install? and will it hurt my engine? (1.9L HO, 88 EGT)
thanks guys.
i wanna ask the same ? is that worth it up there? is it complete?
i just wanted to post on this, if u want quick easy power that u can feel within an hour and half go with n2o. its not as bad as people persev it 2 be. its goood reliable fun, just dont abuse it or it'll abuse ur car! turbo... lots of money lots of wrench time and lots and lots of tunning and did i mention more tunning and more tunning. turbo is cool forsure and great gains but for the price and easy to put n2o cant b beat!!
Wow. I don't know anything about turbocharging, but that looks like an amazing device...

If my escort wasn't such a rusty piece of crap, I would actually seriously consider scrounging up some cash and buying that, and then over the next few years, getting the money for things like the intercooler, fuel pump, boost timer, oil lines, etc...

To me, that looks like the start of an excellent turbo install. I'd also consider moving the radiator to the frontside of the front brace, and taking out the A/C heat exchanger... that would rock.
I've gotta ask, who are those ladies in your banner/avatar?

somebody mentioned turboing a mini bike!
well i have a honda mini bike website and they have a supercharger for those little 70 and it almost 13 psi on the kit!


about half way down the page you will se it!
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