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Should highanddry leave FEOA forever?


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Should highanddry leave FEOA?

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Well, looks like I did something to irritate 92GT5SPD. There's only one post of his that I replied to (the title was "cooling fan" I think). Go have a read if you want.

Anyway, this is a democracy. If you want me out, vote GET OUTTA HERE. If you want me to stay, vote STAY. This is your chance to be heard.

I'll gladly leave if you want me out. My intent of joining was to help people. If you don't think I'm helping or if I piss you off, boot me to the curb.

Also, if you site admin guys think I'm not helping the forum, you guys can do your magic too.

I'm not going to vote. 92GT5SPD, don't vote either. This poll will run 7 days.
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I think you're both over-reacting to nothing :roll:

Matt 8)
theres always that one guy on a forum, you dont like. that doesnt mean you have to leave.
I'm like feeling over a bitch fight... It's just some virtual thing, if you don't like the guy, just ignore it...
I would not worry, you are not alone...I have seen ppl take things too far extremes here as well as other boards....someone got into a tizzy because of the calculated top speed I had posted some time back...I would let it drop and continue with your regular life
i don't see why anyone should leave. people have differences in their opinions all the time. sometimes it gets to people more than it does other times. everyone on this site has contributed lots to the forums and helped out many many people. there are tons of people who lurk these forums and just search for their answers and find them, so you are helping people beyond just whos signed up.

my vote = stay
I think you both are overreacting.. something a 2 yr old might throw.. a tantrum.... everyone has their own opinions, but why waste forum space with this nonsense.... everyones got enemies.. just let it go.... if ya wanna stay stay.. if ya wanna leave leave.. honestly i've only been on this forum for so long... but compared to other forums this one is the least of the bullshit talking- dont make it another lame ass forum where ya bitch n whine cuz someone said you were wrong.... deal with it... no ones perfect, and we all make mistakes.. its a thing called LIFE.. live with it or leave... i hope you'll BOTH stay and chill out over your differences and stop with the high school drama.... or i'll have to buy both of you those shirts that say "DRAMA QUEEN"..LoL smile and be happy damnit! :D

On all boards, everyone takes it to the4 extremes. Someones vehicle wont start. They will not check out easy stuff. They want to rip the engine apart. You make your suggestion and they ignore you. Then they argue about it. When the finally fix the problem, you were right, but the will not say a word.

Those people get what they deserve.


p.s. no need to leave.
can anyone post a quick synopsis of what happened.. i read 92GT5SPD's post and wasnt quite suer i understood

than ill contibute my information :)
Both stay. And both grow some thicker skin already. Don't you have anything more important to worry about?
Both stay, and both stop callin' each other idiots. -.-;
I think the proper thing to do is to man up and agree to disagree. If neither is capable, they they aren't doing Donny or any of the others a service by sticking around. This isn't some other car forum, it's FEOA. It's what keeps me coming back, a genuine desire to help, and entertain. Not to b itch, moan, groan, and complain.
This poll is just about to expire.

I posted the poll, not because I was over-reacting or being dramatic. I posted the poll, because this is a great forum. That's why I joined and that's why I gladly pay the paltry membership dues.

I am very new here and I pissed off a long-term member. I didn't want to do anything to disrupt this forum. I didn't think I had stepped over any line...after all, I'm biased - I think I'm great. :lol: .

So I decided that I wanted you to judge. I sought your input via this poll. I didn't want to leave, but if you thought the forum was better without me, I would gladly have left, because this forum is about way more than one person.

Anyway, thanks very much to FIXITMATTMAN, SPOOKI, SYSTEMDW, 93EGTINLR, SLAPYO, ROLLINNCALI, CAYMEN, NUKEWATER, ZEEMAX, COYOTE-E and STEVE for your candor and comments/advice. That's what I was asking for.

So please, if I'm talking out my toilet or piss you off - tell me. Just say, "highanddry, shut your breathe-hole". I have thick enough skin; I can take it.

I'm here to help people with their questions if I can, ask a few of my own and try to make a few people laugh along the way. Thanks again.

Oh yeah, Slapyo, one final word. Run for office, man. Your comment made we want to run out and hug that prick. :lol:
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