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Short Video Clips-Pocono Race

Discussion in 'Autocross & Road Racing' started by aeronca65t, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Here's some vid clips from my second-gen #909 Escort GT at the NASA event last weekend at Pocono (north course).

    The first short clip (30 seconds) shows a BMW 2002 passing me and then spinning off.

    He came sort of close to rolling it just as I re-passed him.
    You can hear a bunch of stones and dirt that he has kicked up hitting my car at that moment.
    What you can't see are the two Miatas in the rear of me spinning every which way. :twisted:
    One Miata clipped the 2002 and damaged his fuel cell.

    He ran home and got a replacement fuel tank and ran the next day.

    30 second clip:

    This a longer clip of the general action of a NASA sprint race:

    For more of my stuff, go here....

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    Port St Lucie, Florida
    Looks like a lot of fun

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