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I've found that the best CITY efficiency for the EGT is shifts around 3200rpm, and cruising with the tach around 2500-3100rpm. You DONT DONT DONT want to run really really low rpms and wide throttle positions. This will get you NO power and dump a ton of gas, making you run really rich. I've found that higher rpms and small throttle positions yield better efficiency then wide throttle positions and low rpms.

Of course, don't coast along at 5500rpm. Keep the needle under 4300rpm, don't accelerate too quickly, coast when you can, keep the throttle as closed as you can.

I get about 27mpg city when I drive fairly agressively.

Suprisingly, when I was cruising through adirondack park at an average speed of 75mph or so (anywhere from 50-90mph), shifting at 5700rpm in pretty much every gear, flooring it in every gear, basically "rallying it" for 50 miles, I still managed to get about 32mpg. Stop and go kills your mpgs. I dunno why.
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