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The steering wheel vibrates quite a bit, but only when braking moderately to hard. The bearings and tie rods are fine. The front suspension as far as I know is in awesome shape.
The brakes and rotors are less than 10,000kms old.
Any ideas?


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You might want to look at the rods that let the caliper slide back and forth as the pads wear. These rods have the mounting bolts running down the middle of them. They should slide in the caliper casting itself, but with enough years the rubber boots that keep the grease in and the water out will rot away, and the caliper will corrode onto the rods, and wont slide. So as the pads wear, the caliper will tend to pull the rotor to one side as you have the brakes on. They sell new rods and rubber covers - I just got a set from www.rockauto.com.
While the front wheels are off the ground, I would shake the struts to see if they have developed any lateral movement, either in the piston/shock part, or at the top of the strut, where the thrust bearing is.

Also, I had the same shaking when brakes were applied on my Chevy G20 van. The rotors looked fine, didnt have any visible runout, no cracks or hard spots or uneven thickness - but when I replaced the right side rotor with a rusty one from a van in the junkyard - the shaking was gone. & hasnt come back in 10,000 miles. I still dont know in what way the rotor was non-linear. It looked perfect.
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