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Shakey Engine

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Today while driving around my car started to shake, engine i think, i noticed it at about 55mph, stopping at a light it started shaking un-controably, so i shifted into nutral at a stop light and the shaking wasnt as bad but u could still feel it threw the seats and in ur feat, i hit the gas it has a little bit loss of power and shakes on take off or even while driving, not shaking shaking more like studdering so i got home popped the hood and noticed the engine was shaking, so i let it sit for about 4 hours and took it out again, and it was fine
, some one wanna tell me what the hell that was all about?, did a engine mount rust out or somethin
, note my car is a automatic

Formaly Kown As EscortGTO
(96 Escort LX Black - Stock)

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Ive got an idea for you, start with the first plug, take off the wire, unscrew the plug, put the wire back on the plug, and start the car. It WILL idle Rough cause its runnin on 3 cylinders but lay the plug and wire on the valve cover so that the plug sparks. Check for a consistant spark. If it has any break or non-constant rhythm, then you know it needs to be replaced. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH IT WHILE ITS ON!!! If you do it wil shock the $h1t out of you. Do that one at a time to see if you have a firing problem!
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