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serious problems...could be fuel pump?

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I´ve been having some serious problems with my ´90 escort lately. This past saturday I was on the highway with my girlfriend when i felt some small jolts...like the engine was knocking or something, but they went away and i didn´t think much about it. They had also happened a few times the past weeks, but only right when i accelerated or took my foot off the gas pedal. Then, on the way home that night, it started doing it a lot, like whenever it was just coasting, and the only way to keep it form jolting was to keep my foot on the gas. It stalled everytime i came to a stop light or stopped at a turn on the way home. And then when I started it back up, i had to give it alot of gas before putting it in drive. Also, when I did start it up, and idled it, the rpm went crazy. But the next day, i drove it home and had some problems, but then I took it for a drive and it was fine, it was fine all week till tonight when it started again. I put fuel injector cleaner in it. Could it be the fuel pump?
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yeah I´m reminded of what happened to TheBlade...when his RPMs started going nuts on idle. Listen to him, cause it probably is the ECU and you´re going to need a new one. Try to find the same year model car for the donor and i think try to find an automatic.
yeah, my rev went crazy like 2 weeks ago...it was the ECU shorting from the heatercore dumping coolant in it. So just do yourself a headache check and look under there for leaking coolant.

It very were could be a short in the wiring harness though. But I´m still worried about you hearing a "knocking" sound. Knocking (detonation) sounds like marbles and if you were detonating you very well could have caused other probs like a blown headgasket.

If an injector is sticking open then closed (like mine did when the ECU got fried) it´s LOUD, sounded like thumping. Or tapping. But that would also explain a lot of problems

I guess the best way to look at things is what it takes for the motor to run:
1)fuel, 2)air, 3)spark, 4)compression. If you´re getting all those items a motor will at least run. The problem is if they aren´t happening at the right time the motor wont run properly.

Please forgive my inexperience, but what is an ECU? My car is sometimes doing a lack of power when I´m hard on the gas and I´ve noticed a small amount of coolant on the driveway in the morning. Thanks!
I believe it´s called the E(something) Computer Unit. Something along those lines it controls pretty much everything having to do with the engine.
The ECU is commonly referred to as "Engine Control Unit" on Fords, and PCM "Powertrain Control Module" on GM products.
Yeah what Zeemax said...hehe I couldn´t remember all of it and I got one word right. Thats what happens when I´m on here with all my coworkers sitting around here...they all like to sit here and make fun of me about my car being a Ford...I´m so sick of it. "Ford sucks" blah blah freakin blah. I hate brand loyal asses. The one goofy old guy hates Fords cause the only two cars to leave him stranded were Fords. I see lots more Chevy´s and Pontiacs on the side of the highway than I do Fords, and most the Ford´s have flat tires anyway.
Yeah ECU is Elect Control Unit. It is the control unit that reads in everything from your crankangle sensor, to your mass air flow signal, to throttle position, rpms everything and using all the different sensors decides how much fuel to inject in the cylinder and when to make the motor run right.

If you´re seeing coolant on the ground, its probably a hose. I´m not familiar with any of the 2.0L motors. But more then likely its a hose so its an easy fix. Just look where all your belts are on your motor and make sure its not your water pump, or a leak in your radiator.

If it feels sluggish when you hammer the throttle it could be a number of things. Believe it or not too much fuel or too little fuel can rob power from your car. I know my Escort has a problem with over fueling the motor. Sometimes it just dumps way too much fuel, so I feel sluggish until the turbo starts to spool and the forced air makes the mixture leaner.

I say start with the easy stuff and do a basic tune up. Check your plugs and the gap on them. Your wires, Cap, Rotor, Coil, stuff like that.
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well i think my radiator is leaking cause every now and then I have to refill my coolant. last winter it would leak into the snow and you could see it. there´s radiator filler you can buy and pour it in there which will harden and seal any holes in the radiator permanently. check to see if coolant is leaking out of it then go ahead and do that.
Also check the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) cuz it used to cause my scort to do the same. When I started it, it would rev to 4500, then idle down to like 500 and cut off, so check that as well.
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