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Expired Selling 87 GT in Ottawa

Discussion in 'Canada Classifieds' started by ToddMobile, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Hey gang,

    I'm selling my 1987 Escort GT hatchback. Dad gifted it to me 5 years ago (car has spent its whole life in BC until that move). It was his project car and my project car and here's what's been replaced or redone, along with regular maintenance:
    -new fuel pump
    -new gas tank
    -new tie rods and ball joints
    -new radiator & heater core
    -new alternator
    -new tires that I drove on for a week
    -new lights, including the plastic housing and wiring for the lights
    -new windsheild
    -new fancy stereo system that a car stereo guy was really impressed by but I honestly don't know anything about.
    -I'm sure there are another dozen things that my dad rebuilt or replaced that I know nothing about. An old lady who never drove it owned it before my father. The two of us have put all of the km on it driving it back and forth between Vancouver and Toronto.

    My dad redid most of the electrical, which included moving the battery to a closed panel in the trunk. He also redid the dash panel, and my husband and I have added some weird touches like wooden knobs and a wooden cup holder that sits in front of the passenger on the dash.

    There are a few things that don't work: The lights on the ceiling above the rearview mirror. I could never find bulbs that would fit, so I don't know if they're wired in any more. My dad redid the paint and some of it needs to be touched up. It's white, and he painted the chrome handles black and that is peeling. It needs a new muffler. And I had to move the headlight switch because the plastic backing for the knob broke and I couldn't install it back to where it usually sits without it. It is unsightly, but works fine. One of the seatbelts in the back doesn't work because my dad spilled a gallon of grey paint back there and it filled the seatbelt housing.

    There are just over 200 thousand clicks on it.

    And, the big bad: Some idiots stole my car. They messed up the hotwire job and screwed up the electrical. I took it to a garage, they told me they couldn't give me an estimate. Rewiring the ignition switch didn't work and I was about to get married and didn't have the time to deal with it. This was late September. The car wasn't damaged beyond some dents on the door where they pried out the lock, and they broke off the hazard button which I still have. I suspect they got it started and then couldn't get the lights on, and ditched it immediately. They put it in my neighbour's parking spot and we found it the next morning. Idiots. It won't start but things like the trunk lights come on, but I don't know the extent of the electrical work that will need to be done. It's been parked since September in a gravel lot. I didn't winterize it before storage so it may need a new battery.

    Anyway, we had to get a new car, and I'd rather this go to an enthusiast than anything else. I'd also rather not take it apart and sell it piece by piece. Once the ignition issue is resolved I'm sure it'll be a great car again. I miss it. I've had people chase me down in parking lots to tell me how much they love it.

    I'd like 1500$ for it.

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    I may be interested in your car...do you have any pics? Rick 4164576078

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