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seat belt stuck

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Proud new owner of a 95 here in Hawaii... but my silly motorized seat belt is stuck halfway in the track. The car keeps clicking, trying to move it but no go. Hand wiggling will move it an inch or two but no further. Anyone have experience with this problem? An easy fix, i hope? (Haven´t even picked up the car yet but thought I´d get an early start... )

I know it´s not an exciting racing mod question but I just want to get from point A to B!

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Exact same thing happened in my ´92 EGT, our options were to get the whole seat belt system redone ($400) or take the fuse out and manually push the seat belt holder back and manually insert it if you want to wear it. We haven´t spent the $400 yet. Your case might be better, I hope.
Mine did that too. Got tired of having it stick halfway and driving around looking stupid (plus the risk during an accident). I manually moved the shoulder mount back on the track, removed the fuse, and now I have to click the belt on when I get in. It´s been a hassle for sure, but it beats dealing with the sticking track.
I have ripped a few of these apart and there is an adjustment at the end of the track that is pretty easy to get to.If that doesn´t help at this point you already have it half way apart and the rest is not that technical.I´m the type though who will rip into anything and learn how it works as I go.So far it has served me well maybe one day it will catch up but until then I´ll be happy.
In my case, the steel cable which drives the belt was shredded somehow.
i have the same problem with my moon roof, the cable snapped, i was able to get it in the right position, but i can´t figure out how to replace it, it seems like a bitch, i really likes that roof. damn motorized parts
Excellent - thanks for the quick replies! Sounds like I can´t go wrong ripping into it to see what´s what. Worst-case scenario I have to manually click it. (of course I may be back with more questions after I actually tear into it tomorrow!) In any case it´s good to know I have company out there...

Happened to me too, didn´t want to spend the money to get it redone, so I went to a junkyard, got an old seatbelt assembly for 30 bucks and installed it in an hour. Its a pretty easy installation, I recommend that because I spent many many hours trying to move it back, or even figure out what the problem was. Good Luck.
i had the same problem when i first got my lx i shot it with some silicone lub (available at auto stores, wal mart , etc) and worked it back and forth to work it loose. after 30000 miles it still working smothly
On my recently acquired ´92 GT the drivers belt is stuck in the up position. There are no clicking noises. Red Rocket said that sometimes the problem is with a black box under the driver´s seat. Soooo, questions are, has anyone experienced the under seat problem and secondly what all do you have to remove to expose the track motor etc.
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