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Expired scrapping 99 SOHC wagon

Discussion in 'Canada Classifieds' started by 98waggin, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. 98waggin

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    I'm sending our 99 wagon off to the crusher tomorrow. It's not worth anything to anyone but if there are any sensors, solenoids, harnesses, whatever small things that anyone might need and can tell me about in the next 14-15 hours I can try to pull it for you. The flatbed is supposed to be coming for her tomorrow but if it doesn't then I'll have a little bit more time.

    I know how hard some of the stuff is to find for these cars, if I can help keep one of yours going I would be happy to. Let me know if you're after anything in particular.

    I've also got a brand new in box vehicle speed sensor - Bought it for this car and tried to pull the old one but most of it stayed inside the transmission so I never used the one I bought.

    The car has a brand new ignition switch & tumbler installed as well...it cost me a shitload to buy, so if anyone needs it I could pull that but it wouldn't be cheap.

    Filler neck, also new.

    Let me know.
  2. novanutcase

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    Fog Lights?


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