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i got my new (used) LXE and there were some broken/ missing parts well today i went to u-pull-it and found so much stuff that i need like a new glove compartment (blue i have a grey interior so im gunna paint it black) and the little siding strips on the doors(i was not missing these but 2 were pealing off and they were the short ones that dont fill up the whole gap)now i have some that fill the whole gap off of like a 95 lx i fugure i could paint them white. I also got some screws and little plastic brackets for tthe door handles(both of mine in the front are missing the 2 screws that you can see actually i just accidently pulled my passanger one completly off yesterday which sucks because without that switch connected the window wont go up or down (power windows)) If you have read my good fortune this far good for you now im planning another trip to another one tomarrow with a friend so if you need anything ill be leaving at about 1:30 about 4:30 east coast time and would be glad to look
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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