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Saw Several Ricers... but hey, it´s their cars.

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A few days ago I was out on a job and i looked over and I believe it was a really old Mercury Cougar with an aluminum wing on it. UGLY... and then, last night before I killed that Mustang downtown here in my city I was going down Coliseum and I looked over as this Geo Strom LSi turned the corner and noticed that he also had this huge ass ugly aluminum wing sticking off the back of his trunk with APC stickers all over his windows. I wish I could have u-turned right there and killed his ass, but I wouldn´t have a Mustang kill under my belt right now if i did.

Also, today I was at Indiana Auto Auction off of US 30 and US 33 up in the northwest section of town, well, we were in the garage section where they put the cars people bid on and we noticed this 2000-2001 Grand Am GT, just like my friends, only it was bright white and the frikken moron put orange and yellow flames all over it, i´m talking on the doors, front fenders, rear quarter panels and even black and silver window tint flames in the windows...He had some chinese picture thing on his back window and something about a car store on there too. We noticed he had an AVS or GTO sunroof viser that someone had ripped off. To top it off, the car was totally trashed....it was so pathetic there was garbage and fast food bags all over the place in it, the driver viser had been ripped off. it was horrible. I can´t believe someone took such a nice car and destroyed it. My friend was so pissed.
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My exhaust, rims and "Speed Makes Me Horny" stickers on the skirts give my scort a slight "Riced" appearence.

Hmm...I guess you are what you EAT, right?
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Any time you take your car beyond stock, there´s always a risk that you´ll make it worse not better. I mean visually and/or functionally. As far as looks go, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and is so subjective. Some people have a flair for it, and can make almost any car look good, and others are pretty clueless and ruin a perfectly good car with junk.
In Fort Worth TX i´ve seen lotsa cars with these tiny chrome spoke wheels with ridiculous offset. I mean the whole tire/wheel is outside the fender well. They do this to everything from Sentras to Regals. Can´t imagine what it does to the car´s handling!
Another one I hate is people who take that chrome trim stuff and encircle the doors, hood trunk, etc. with it. It totally ruins the lines of the car. I guess there´s no accounting for taste!

It´s great on this site to see the different ways you can mod a scort! Most I really like, but I think I learn something from all of em.

btw Blade those wheels add so much to your car!
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Theres this poster at work. Its a red Corvette Z06.

For about a week after one of the guys put it up in the break room I kept looking at it going, "Now that´s a beautiful car." Then about the end of that first week I realized the wheels one it looked EXACTLY the same as the ones on the scort
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This thread is near and dear, cuz I grabbed my scort with no prior love for the car...it was cheap, local and I thought- ´What a great chance to spoof the ´rice-rocket´ craze by building a US cheapy-mobile into a Ricer-mobile Wanna-Be. And as I drew up the plans, I was told by pals that the scheme might backfire, and rice fans might actually LIKE the car when it´s done. OOPS!

Well, it´s worse than that. *I* not only have started to really dig my scort, but I find that with the right choices of add-ons, the final look is growing on me. Who knew that it didn´t HAVE to look tacky and silly!??

Oh well, I guess some are gonna hate it anyway... but the stuff comes off just like it goes on, and it´s next owner can do what HE wants to it. Right now, it´s mine, and it´s gonna get the full-on ´Uncle Ben´s´ treatment.

John Rosa

and the Slammin´ Escort-SVT project...

See more at www.javelinamx.com/svt

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Well I must say I drove the 86 GT that I sold last night.First I pegged her to the red line in 5th wide open on the freeway. I have no clue how fast I was going, just too fast.Then I was in town and I had a little street race with this Honda that looked nice and sounded pretty dam quick but when the light changed he had nothin.Of course being the good sport I am,I pulled off and waited for him to catch up to give him another chance.I occasionally screw up a launch so I figured that he might have timed it wrong or something.So were at the light and he raps his motor a bit so I did the same.The light turns green and I wait till I see him launch then I let her go.I blew him away about half way through 2nd and didn´t look back.The guy who bought it from me was like "whoah! I knew this thing was fast but I never had it topped out like that!"I replied "that honda was probably worth like ten grand and you only paid $700 was it worth it?"he said"hell yeah!"another scort lover is born!
Nice change in wheels John.

Yeah, when I bought my car I had 3 days to find a car because I came home from college and had a gf showing up to spend the holidays with me.

My old cars had been trucks or SUV´s but I knew I kinda wanted a compact. I really wanted a 95 civic si but with prices being like 8-10k for one with 130k on it, I wasn´t too happy.

When I finally thought about what I wanted I broke it down to 2dr, HB, 5speed, clean interior, no major damage, and a DOHC motor. After looking for awhile my mom told me she had a friend at a dealership and they were holding two cars for me to look at. Both were Escorts. I was like Mom I dont think so, I really dont want a 4dr sedan or a station wagon (she thought they were).

When I got there with my dad, both were 93 EGT´s. One had 44k miles the other at 54k miles. Same EVERYTHING. Difference was $100. Well I got the hookup at the dealership. I bought my EGT with 44k on it for pennies under 4k.

I wasn´t until about a year after I owned it that I hungered for "rice." I wanted to be different, but not like an iMac. I dont do fruity (other then my G3 Powerbook, Wallstreet Edt.). I soon started learning about just how Mazda had played their part in the EGT and how great the engineering of the vehicle was. .... Then I became obessed with forced induction. I´m telling you drive a 400HP Mitsu Eclipse GST once, or a 3000GT VR4 and sex just isn´t as important anymore. Well I guess the rest is history.

Just my story.
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Well my scort certainly isn´t ricey at all, but I do know that I get speed wobbles when I´m going over 90mph. Although I think that has to do with my tires. My rear left wobbles like crazy. I want to replace it but I don´t have the money quite yet, so I´ve just been cornering on them like mad and wearing them out so I will force myself to replace them. I really hope I don´t mess anything up in the wheels...
Anyway, when I go over 90mph or so I get mega speed wobbles and the whole escort feels kinda unstable. Kinda sucks, but I´m wondering what I can do to fix this. Will tires make a difference, or is this just what happens with the escort at those kinda speeds?

And we´ve got a few very ricey civics here. I actually saw a focus yesterday... some chick was driving it and it was SWEET looking. Carbon fiber hood, new wheels, exhaust, tinted windows, black paintjob with chrome and white highlights, decals... sounded mean. I told my friend in the passengers seat to steer while I turned my head and took a good look
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when you say it wobbles....does it not look like its completely round, or does it bounce a little. More then likely its a balance issue. Balancing is cheap like 9 bucks. If the wheel isn´t spinning right then it could be a bent wheel. On a far guess, loose or worn suspension components.


Jason Blade, 93 EGT Turbo

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good tires do great things for any car. my escort handles like 20 times better than my mustang does. my mustang has summit tires. my escort has goodyear eagle gt 2´s.

anyway, the biggest example of rice i´ve seen around my area was a kia rio with a huge aluminum wing and a 94 or older eclipse with a huge aluminum wing. rice sucks. escorts cant be rice, theyre fords with mazda engines...mazda doesnt make ricers.
Hey 2reds,
Those cars with the small wheels way offset are LOWRIDERS. Some have the hyraulics in them and some just carry the look, but lowriding is extremely popular in your part of the US. Lowrider Magazine is the highest circulation car related magazine in the world. Those guys don´t care about handling. They never go faster than 10mph. They spend thousands on hydraulics so it can win the high jump and the car dancing contests, and on the velvet interiors with mirrors all over and chrome chain steering wheel, and stereo stuff, but NOTHING on the motor except to dress it up. They must add several hundred pounds to the car and the suspension is removed for the hyraulic rams so they REALLY don´t care about handling.
Yeah. I work drive through at Taco Bell here in town sometimes and joke the people who come through. I´ll look at ther under construction rice-mobiles and I´ll stare at the back end with a smile on my face and say "Be careful you don´t fly away with that wing back there." Sometimes I get laughs, sometimes not. But I dont mean it to be mean. I just bought these atrocious lights for my best friends accord. *Barf* and so not worth the cost of them. But whatever

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A guy in my town once had an early 90´s prelude and thought he would "dress it up". This car was just butt ugly when he finished. A big ugly wing, tiny offset wheels, and a paintjob that appeared to be a combination of primer and lime green spray paint, were just some of the problems with this car. Not to mention it gave everyone the "rasberry" as it drove by. If I had my scort back then I would have blown the doors off that thing. Then theres the car parked just a few spots down from mine that I would just love to have. At first I thought it was a semi riced newer model civic, but when I looked closer I saw that it had momo wheels, a variety of very nice interior accesories, and he makes no attempt to hide the intercooler behind the front facia. I guess my whole point is that some people have taste and some people don´t.
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