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s-cort shakes @ high speed

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I was out on a car trip, and after getting brand spankin yokohama tires, and getting the whole balance/alignment job, my s-cort STILL shakes at high speeds.

The last pair of tires had a very strange wear pattern on the rear left wheel:
if you viewed the wheel from the side, instead of seeing a nice, circular tire, mine looked more like a 10-pointed star, only the points of that star weren´t straight points, more like rounded. In other words, the tread of the tire was really low in one place, then you´d travel along the circumference of the wheel another couple inches, and the tread was high again. It was like the tread was periodic wave extending itself along the circumference of the tire, if that makes any sense.

anyway, this problem totally baffled me, but the mechanic who changed my tires said that it was a problem with my not rotating the tires on time. He also said that it was because the back end of the car was so light that the back of the car would "bounce up and down" and cause that kind of tread wear. I don´t know if this is the case, or if he´s full of shit.

After driving several hundred miles, at speeds of 30-110mph
I noticed that this problem is at its worst at about 65mph. The problem seems to go away once you get over 85mph, although I think that´s because it starts shaking so fast that you just feel it as a whirr and it just kinda blends in.

As a result, I felt that the problem was in the suspension. I felt that what was happening was that the suspension had leaked oil and become underdampened, so when I hit a bump, that bump propagated and was perpetuated somehow by the fact that my suspension couldn´t stop it.

My sister was in the car with me, and she thinks the problem is that a light car like the escort will shake because it doesn´t have the weight to keep the tires glued to the road, but she doesn´t know anything about cars.

Please help me, i just want a smooth as buttah pimpin´ wagon...

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Okay working in the tire biz....I say get them rebalanced....If you´re feeling it at 65 that sounds like balance...I´m guessing you have one tire off by about .75 of an ounce or something (probably a front tire).

get them re-balanced. I agree with Sleeper...alignment check would be good..but alignment doesn´t usually cause a shake like balance issues...but if your not noticing a bump steer problem it might be a ball joint. If still nothing is found, make sure they take a good look at your wheel or maybe an out of round tire.

I´ve had customers come back complaining that they´re Yoko´s aren´t wearing right...mostly with the AVID´s. Check for leaky struts though...that´s what the prob always seemed to be with irregular wear with the AVID´s.
okay brakes can sometimes cause problems but to kill the myth....out of spec alignment IS NOT a cause for a tire to vibrate...unless something is worn or broken. Remember that´s not an alignment problem is a suspension problem.

To test a ball joint jack the tire up just off the ground and use a breaker bar and put upward pressure on the bottom of the tire. If the ball joint moves its bad. The balljoints and tie rod ends should have no play in them.

Just life the car higher to see the strut behind the tire...take your finger around it and feel for leakage.
I saw a wagon down in Phoenix, it was tuckin´ 20´s, full air ride suspension, upgraded to rear disc brakes, shaved the entire car, carbon fiber hood, custom head lights and grill, sliding ragtop, looked like two Fosgate 800x1´s on a custom shelf for the back powering two 12´s of some sort. There was another amp pushing components and stuff too. All the interior was a beige tweed.

It was beyond []D[][]\/[][]D Looked like a 95 or 96 wagon.

<img src=http://mercury.pr.erau.edu/~bladej/escortweb.jpg>

Jason Blade, 93 EGT Turbo

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Tokico´s get expensive but I have a friend with an accord with tokicos...VERY VERY nice set up. Had a friend with KYB AGX´s...totalled his car because the suspension didn´t have enough travel.
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