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RX-7 airmeter review

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After some searching I finally located a 2nd gen RX-7 airmeter. This is a plug in upgrade for the 1.8BP motor in the escort GT/Tracer. I read around on the web and found that this upgrade adds somewhere around 5hp above 6K rpms on a stock motor. I installed mine today and adjusted it 4 clicks, took it for a test drive: below 6k there is no difference at all, above 6k the engine note is different and it pulls harder to 7200 where I shift. This is a worthwhile mod for those looking for some more hp. Its only in the upper rpms, but thats where I go all the time
. Keep in mind my escort is stock, 153K miles. Well, I do have a pacesetter header (NO hp gain without exhaust). For the money this is something I would recommend, you will definately feel a power increase. I searched on here for more info on this but there was nothing. Next mod: 2.5" cat-back
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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