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Rough Idle after a clutch job?

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I just had my clutch replaced. I notice it is hard to drive, but I expected that. I was so used to having more "forgiveness" on the older worn out clutch. But for some reason, my idle seems really rough all of a sudden.

I cannot imagine what they may have messed with that could cause a rough idling problem. Of course, that is why I had somebody else do my clutch, as I would not have a clue where to start. I do some simple repairs on my own, alternator, brakes, etc, but I did not feel comfortable tackling a cluthc replacement.

I always get the same mechanic to work on my car, but he left for a 2 week vacation the day after doing my clutch.

Any advise as to why my idle would seem so off after a clutch job?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, it probably would have helped if I specify that it seems to be somewhat random, so I do not think it would be a mount. where would I find a Vac line?
So I think it was a coincidence but it appears the tubing running into my PCV is "iffy" and there is a small leak. I replaced it, as I had more tubing from another scort, and it seems fine.

Thanks for the help though. I noticed a sqeaky sound coming from the clutch I think the sound is coming from the pilot bearing. When I depress the clutch, the sound goes away.I know the last time I had my clutch replaced in the old car, similar 'weird' noises pertruded from that general area. They cleaned up after driving on it for a week or so. Therefore, I am not too concerned at this time.

Thanks againf or the help guys
You paid someone to do your clutch and they didn't replace the throwout and pilot bearing?? Did they resurface your flywheel? I hate seeing people getting screwed out of good money.
Sorry, I should have specified better. They most certainly did replace them. I took it to the shop and asked them about it. They said this can sometimes occur. It will either go away after a bit of driving, or get worse fast. In that case, it will be warrantied.

My friend runs the mechanic shop, he is on vacation, but I asked the second in command guy there. I know they will honor there work.

flywheel was also resurfaced
Another thing to check if the squeak doesn't go away, this happens sometimes if the trans input shaft isn't lubed; the fork/throw-out bearing drags on the shaft and doesn't clear the pressure plate completely. It will touch the fingers and scrape. Light pedal pressure makes it go away.
EscorGo - I think you might be on to something there. I had a feeling it might be something like this, and sure enough, light pedal pressure does make it go away. My Mechanic is back Monday. I think I will park her till then and drive the Chrysler (*Cringe*) until then.
It shouldn't damage anything. It's mainly annoying. If it doesn't go away for good soon I would get it fixed. It may even go away for a while and come back and then you are out of warranty.
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