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Rotor problems - Stuck

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Hi, I own a ´97 Escort, and I´m trying to replace the front rotors. They´re pretty warped, and I´d like new ones.
The wheel and caliper came off fine, but the rotor appears to be stuck on. I assumed that the rotor was held on by the caliper and the wheel, and that it would just come off, but after beating the living snot out of it, it hasn´t budged.
Anybody else run in to this sort of problem? Am I not taking something off, that I should? I need help as soon as possible, as this is my daily driver, and its sitting in pieces in my driveway.
Thanks for the help!
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Mine where warped and stuck pretty bad. Lots of brake cleaner, some soaking and a big mallet. They came right off once the rust and stuff broke loose.

If your going to new rotors, I went with the DBA slotted and crossdrilled w/ EBC greenstuff pads....OMG, once they broke in...I have enough stopping power on the front end to actually pop the back end up a little.....its just sick.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried soaking it in penetrating oil, and also tried your suggestion of brake cleaner. What finally worked, was using an 8mm coarse thread bolt in the hole that is near the wheel studs. Putting a bolt in there will push up against the wheel hub, and pop the rotor off. Worked like a dream, but of course I had a ton of WD-40 and brake cleaner on it
Where can I buy the rotors you suggested? I bought a pair of cheapy parts store rotors, how much are the ones that you suggested?
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I bought mine on ebay, but I paid $125 for both front rotors.

Talk to Matt at www.precisionbrakes.com

He´s a great sales person and was really helpful. And best of all, the rotors showed up two days early.

The EBC pads I would recommend for any rotor you´re using. I found them cheaper by going through www.tirerack.com

And the install I did myself and was a snatch.
Thanks for the links. I´m tired of having to stand on the brakes. I can´t get them to lock (even though that´s not the fastest way to stop).
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