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roller rockers?

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is there anywhere i can buy roller rockers for an 89 egt.
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Hmmmm, I don´t think I have seen anything about roller rockers for any modle scort, but I am pretty sure that most of the 1st gen GTs came with roller lifters. If yours doesn´t have them, they are easy enough to come by. I have´nt looked too closly at the valvetrain of the Escort, and I´m not sure what ratio they use either. I wonder how closely they resemble the 5.0 rockers. Those are easy to get rollers for. I have a set from Crane Cams for mine. I´ll have to look into it though. Seems like a worth while upgrade.

By the way, Welcome to the site. Glad to see more 89 GT owners around here. 1ST GENS ROCK!!!!!!

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If the GT does have roller rockers in them, I can put those in my LX right? Or maybe just take the whole head from the GT and slap it on there? I heard someone doing that and really seeing a good power increase from it. What do you think?
man first gens are the shit i just needa work out some problems on mine but i love em so much
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Hey Rascal, I´m not sure if you meant roller lifters when you said roller rockers, but I think that the cams are different between the roller and flat lifters. As far as the head swap, if you take an HO head and slap it on an LX engine, your compression is going to go down do to the fact the HO head has a bigger combustion chamber. The HO engine uses domed pistons to make up for this, where as the LX engine has flat pistons. A really awsome thing to do would to be to put an HO head on a turboed LX engine. The lower compression and bigger valves would alow more boost to be run easily. But if you just wanted to put the roller lifters in I woulld suggest a different cam too. I think some of the later LX´s had roller lifters as well, so you might want to check yours out before you invest in new lifters.

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