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I´ve got the stock ´92 Rims on my car, Aluminum with some kind of coating on the outside. I know of the coating because it is starting to peel off. I was thinking of maybe sanding them down and polishing them. I know I could probably just go buy some new rims but I´m looking for something fun to do. So any suggestions on how to sand and polish rims so that they shine, and continue to shine?
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Well the sanding and polishing should be pretty self explanitory but,unless you want to do it every couple of days I would try to find a heat resistant clear coat which is basically what they had to start with.That will help keep em looking good.
I´ve used steel wool on motorcycle rims that were dull and it brung them right out! Try the coarse stuff first, then finish it off with some fine steel wool!
Make sure you clear coat them after ward or else the Aluminum will just oxidize on you again.
They did put some kind of plastic layer over the aluminum, right? Cause I have a layer of stuff peeling off them, like it is paper or something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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