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Riggin up neon glow lights

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my friend hooked up 2 10" neon tubes in his cutluss ... he cut the wires and put them where this light was for his cig ash tray so they came on whenever he turned his lights on (where the ash try light he took off was supposed to light up) ... well just wondering how can i hook up 2 neons in my escort like that... could i just hook the wires up somewhere into a switch so when i turn switch on/off they work.. i dont really need to hook them up in place of something i mean a toggle switch is like 1 dollar so as long as you guys get me power to them ill thank you

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With all the lighting i have on my car I ran the toggle switch right off the battery, using both the positive and the ground. I would recomand putting an inline fuse in as close to the battery as you can get it, just like witha stereo. Make sure you get a a switch that is heavy enough to handle the power and I would at least use 18 gauge wire to run it. I put all my toggles in the center consel next to the e brake for easy access.
toggles are the best idea http://www.cardomain.com/id/nukewater.
mine only do the subs tho.

but yeah, what you do.. i think.. is run the wires to your fuse box to something that isnt on all the time, like your cd player.. then 1/2 way to the neons put a switch in there.. thats how i did it for my bass anyways.. prolly someone who actually knows what there doing would be good.
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I wanna put some neons on my car, I plan on running some wires to the fog lamp switch so that when my fog lamps are on, my washer nozzles with the blue lights, and the neons come on as well... which i only use at night anyway. So if you have a fog lamp switch, use that. if not, there should be the spot where it was supposed to be anyway and it´d be easy to put a toggle switch there.
I tired that wih the fog lamp switch and let me tell you that really isn´t as easy as it sounds. I couldn´t get the test light to work on the wires to tell me which was which. Plus i took the switch apart and it was a weird switch that was difficult to get back together. I ended up getting a switch and mounting it next to the drivers seat in the middle console. The switch is a snap to install. And as long as you have an inline fuse your batterys protected.
The way i was thinking about doing it...if i did it, would be to find the wire from the fog lamp, then find some weather resistant wire to hook up the neons, and run it from the lamps to the neons, that way they run off the same circuit. I don´t know if that´ll be a good idea though because if i put too much crap on that circuit it could keep blowing that fuse. My sisters new boyfriend, besides building and installing custom turbos, also does rewiring jobs...i was thinking about having all my speakers rewired because i cut them too short last november. So I could also have him rewire everything anyway, headlights, fog lamps, tail lamps etc and make them go one direct way so i KNOW where they are. To me, confusion is bad. I don´t like to be confused. it makes me look bad.
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I know what you mean I felt pretty stupid with that switch laying in a couple thousand peices in my hand. Rewiring sounds like a good idea. I ran all new wiring for all my neon and strobes. They each have there own wires. 18 guage speaker wire and electrical tape really works wonders for that stuff!
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How do you hide your wires?
do not hooke more than two lights to one toggle, because will will start to burn you wires. dont ask me how it happend to me.
this a what some one told me that you want to do is run a inline fuse to your battery and then to your toggle, then to the lights. and if you want to run more toggles all you have to do is run another pos wire from toggle to toggle. it is working for me so far.
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