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Riced Out Escort

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Check Out This Escort i Just Posted a Message Before But Got No Replys So Tell Me What You Think

Pimped Out Escort
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I think the tint sets the car off a little but thats my opinion...............................................................................................................................If having a gay tint floats your boat i bet your boat has pink tint to :-Y :p

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plain and simple a escort isnt a race car you can millions well maybe not millions but you can do things to make them look really nice and its been dont people on this site and others have the nicest escorts i have ever seen but other then that you cant do much with the power without putting in way more money then what they are worth.unless you want to but thats my opinion
i said it what bring it and actually i was talking about the normal everyday escorts not the wrc or any other rally escorts dipshit. so back up off my grill(ha i got one you dont)
shit damn were disrespecting good ole henry ford that crazy bitch made the first affordable car. (figured i´d throw in a little bit of what i learned in u.s. history)
your point is im lazy and i need to do my interior any suggestions for color anyone?
i dont wanna be a dick i got enough problems with people who are assholes on this board (not saying any of you are assholes or being sarcastic) so im just gonna drop it i have my opinion and you have yours. fair enough? i agree with myself about the lx its slow and by no means is a racecar i have neevr driven a gt or any escort with the 1.8 so i should not have even opened my mouth :-[
has to be the driving skills cause my car is slow :-] :-[
well how much did you pay for your car i payed $0 so i didnt have much of a choice so why dont you work on your car instead of hating on other peoples
ps that wasnt directed at you birddog

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just to humor you i went back and looked at my car no signs of pink im pretty sure its red. being that red is red not pink so my car is red so im sorry but a pink dash wouldnt match my car it would match your tint tho maybe you should do your dash rainbow with purple triangles
well according to escortrus we do he´s the one with the gay pride tint
well all do know this but like i said before escortrus91 or whatever cant shut up dude im 16 i dont have a job i buy what i can afford for my car and those arent hubcaps asshole there rims if you knew anything about escorts or ford cars you could tell those are ford rims and my exhaust tip im sorry i cant go out and blow 400 for a exhaust system sorry if that offended you so shut up and kiss my ass.

where i live you will get killed if you make fun of dark tint we dont have that gay color tint around here only the ghetto cruisers with the fake purple tint
hes a fucking asshole who likes to sign hating things and send his friends that have cavaliers sign and hate on you in your guestbook you got a problem you drive your ***** ass to riverhead new york mother fucker then bring it dont get your ***** ass friends or you signing peoples guestbooks i took that shit off cause of you you fucking ***** you and your ***** ass friend with his ***** looking cavalier wanna hate you can all yopu want if you kick my ass which isnt gonna happen :-]
more people dislike you then me on here and i was here first so just end it on that note
quite you. when you get as many posts as me james then you can give me your opinion. :-]

That was deff a joke.
you wanna keep talking shit you want my adress come to my house and fight me then if not shut the fuck up
1028 Mill road Riverhead New York mother fucker bring it what fuck yeah im fucking crazy yeah i´ll fucking fight you over talking shit i dont give a fuck people seem to grow balls over the internet when it comes down to the real deal people back down i dont so theres my adress hope i see you soon asshole

None of these were directed at you james at all :-]
hey i gave him my address he wants to keep talking shit it just shows he´s a loser if he now wants to shut up then he got punked out cause my address is up there so either shut up or come find me and "kick my ass" then you will have the right to talk shit. and thanx for making fun of my town like i can help it that i live here like i give a fuck and people in my town you may consider ghetto and a shit hole but they will kill you so shut up
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