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rev limiter help

Discussion in 'Circle Tracks' started by 91scortministock, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Hello I run a 91 1.8 gt on a 1/4 mile asphalt track 8% bank, I have built the motor done everything except bore out and new pistons. Head is shaved, valves, throttle body, intake, cams and adjustable cam gears, 95 header cut to fit into 2 3/4 straight exhaust that stops at the driver with a 12" race glass pack. I run 108 race fuel. Suspension is mostly stock with the exception of I use zx2 struts and megan springs, 1" front sway bar stock rear. I also run all metal bushings for motor mounts and sway bars. I hit the rev limiter half way down the straight so I am having to keep my rpms at 7000 the mustangs get me every time into the corners. I eat them up in the corner and coming out and down the straights till i have to let up or limit out. I cant run a stand alone ecu it has to be stock. You can chip them but that's about it. Any Ideas? I finished almost every race in the top 8 out of 30+ cars. With 1 fast dash win a couple heat race wins and one second place main event. There is only 4 front wheel drive cars in this class now I am the only escort, I would love to be a first place winner after everyone makes fun of the only escort on the track any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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