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I understand how you feel, but at the same time I can see where your g/f comes from. I say go ahead and take plate #'s left and right, but avoid the fighting. cause no matter if its self defense or not the school will still discipline you, espescially if no witnesses step up and tell what happened.

My friend was jumped by 8 guys at a taco bell walking home from school, we knew exactly who it was, but since none of us were physically there we couldn't say anything, so my buddy, who took out two or three of the eight before they cheap shotted him, gets suspended for three weeks for defending himself from possibly getting knifed (that's what would have happened had he not nailed the guy with the blade.) and only one of the others gets busted cause the school knew who was involved as well, but decided to only get one of them, since the rest of them would have started more stuff with my friend later for getting them busted.

Anyways, long story short, I think your gf is just worried that you might get into undue trouble for defending yourself. So do everything short of fighting these punks, but if a fist comes through your window... Then even I will start to kick some a** and dealwith the consequences, at least then you can throw assault and property damages at the kid.
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