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hey guys, just have a couple little requests to make.

1) i know that you guys probably have TONS of links put into your bookmarks regarding anything with the escorts, or even mazdas since some parts are interchangeable. if you wouldn't mind takin a few minutes and adding to the links that we already have in our database. please look and see if the link is already there. it not, submit it. this way we can have our links database grow!! also, if you are going to post technical links in the tech link section, please post the link directly to the article and if a site has more than one article, add a link per article. this way if people look in the tech section they can see the different links and know what info will be on the page.

2) part reviews!! you guys have made TONS of mods to your cars, some in audio, some in suspension, some in the engine...whatever it may be. if ya have a minute go to the part reviews section of the site and add a review. we would love to build a giant database of reviews on the parts out there for our cars. this will help people out that are looking for new parts to add.

3) we are looking for articles for any of our topics, however we would like to get some in the topics that don't have as many articles as the others. if you would like to write something up and submit it to us, we will review it and post it giving you full credit of the article.

and beyond all that, just comin to the site and giving the traffic is great. i do wanna thank you guys for comin here and brinin new people by. it's great to see the community grow from ~8 to now 1700+ people. thanks again!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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