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Replacing Rack and Pinion on 93 EGT

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My rack and pinion steering on my 93 EGT went out, blew fluid out the side of the boot, all over the driveway. The repair guy said its one of the hardest ones to replace, is that right, is it a hard one to replace? Will a LX fit or is it a different ratio and does anyone know a good place to get one so I don´t get ripped. Thanx for the help.
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there are 2 different options, the ford rack and the mazda rack yours will most likely be the mazda rack since you have a gt, but when i replaced my tie rods i found out i had a mazda rack in my lx so who knows. havnt changed mine over to manual steer yet so id ont know how hard it is to change but i wouldnt see how it would be too difficult
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