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Replacement seat belts

Discussion in 'Safety & Security' started by Diane, May 18, 2013.

  1. Diane

    Diane FEOA Member

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    Does such a thing exist? I have the non-motorized ones in the 86 and my drivers side is twisted and frayed. I have no idea how it got twisted either, I thought it was when I last pulled the panel off, but I just pulled it off again and it's definitely twisted in the threading. After comparing it to the passenger side I think I should replace it. I've checked Rock Auto and will try to get into work later to check the Ford part number.

    I'm guessing there are also places that do rethreading? I know this can be done on racing seat belts.

  2. ArmyofOne

    ArmyofOne FEOA Member

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    Non motorized ones? I wish I had those. Worst idea in the history of bad ideas is the motorized seat belt.

    Replacements can be had from any salvage yard with 1G's, otherwise try a set for a ZX-2, I read somewhere on here that they will fit.

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