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Hi. My name is Tony and I have a 1986 escort lx that serves duty as an around town car. This mornign the waterpump failed and I need to replace it. Does anyone here work on thier own cars? If so, where do you guys go for information on maintenance and repairs on these cars? I do all my own work on my vehicles, but this is the first major problem with the escort. Thanks

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Correction, it is an 89, not an 86. My bad. I really do not want to invest in a chilton for this car since it just serves beater duty. I belong to online organizations for both of my other cars (DSM and Volvo) and there are websites with step by step directions for most common repairs and upgrades. I was hoping that either this site or one like it had such a setup. If so could you point me to it? Thanks again.

92 laser fwd: 13.4 @106
87 volvo wagon: not finished yet
89 escort lx: never got started
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