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Hi. My name is Tony and I have a 1986 escort lx that serves duty as an around town car. This mornign the waterpump failed and I need to replace it. Does anyone here work on thier own cars? If so, where do you guys go for information on maintenance and repairs on these cars? I do all my own work on my vehicles, but this is the first major problem with the escort. Thanks

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YOu can get a book for $15 and it will tell you everything you need to know....if your car is going to continue to haul you around town it´s a wise investment. Nothing runs perfect forever.
I personally have found many blatant errors on the chiltons manual: from incorrect torque readings to incorrect procedures. I reccommend a Haynes book, and they can be purchased for $15. So if you´re going to save hundreds doing your pump yourself, might as well have a book, ´cause you have to remove the timing belt to get to the pump, and you will appreciate having pictures and suggestions right there rather than wait for someone to answer a question.
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