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Except they paid the $1/day insurance on a Neon* and just thrashed it for a while before setting fire to it.

*You can bet that this was an organized stunt and that the car didn't really belong to any rental company. Any rental company would inspect the damage, and arson is pretty easy to detect and prove. They would have pressed charges against the renter and then every CKY2K video would have been pulled from the shelves because it's illegal to profit from crimes. It was a staged stunt.. (like all of their crap). Say this to yourself, "No matter how bad ass their skateboarding is, they're still corporate entertainers in the legitimate business of putting on a show for viewers in order to sell millions of videos and DVDs."

Tito's friend had better keep his eyes open. That rental company is probably investigating how the damage occured right now.

(BTW, Tito.. somewhere, Jessica Alba is crying)
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