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removing VSS (speed sensor)

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i have a 4 door 1999 escort 2.0 SOHC, and i am trying to remove the speed sensor. there is a clip that seems to hold it in place, which i removed, along with the 10mm bolt next to the sensor. now i am able to rotate it within it's housing, but cannot remove it.

what am i missing here? how does it come out of it's housing?
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The sensor does just pull out once you remove the bracket, but I have found that the sensor has to be wiggled out of the transmission instead of just pulling up on the sensor. It tends to stick in the transmission pretty well. Just wiggle the sensor, and have patience.

clean the area, put a little bit WD40 around the vss housing and wait for a minutes.

DON´T PULL the VSS just turn CC and CCW and pull slowly, sometimes the VSS are a little bit stuck so with these movements in going out very ease, protect the hole of the trannny from dust.

Check the o´ring that seal the VSS to the tranny

best regards
There's the very real possibility you'll have to destroy the VSS to get it out (break the top off, cut a slot in the metal part and turn it with a big screwdriver or something similar). Cost over $300 at the dealer 2 years ago to fix mine.
where is located excatly on a 99 2.0 4 dr? i have to replace it on my sisters car


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thx guys
Where it is - is a very inconvenient spot. Look down behind the motor, more or less directly behind the end of the engine head. It mounts on the differential part of the transmission. With my 2nd gen, if I have to remove one, I find it necessary to remove the large rubber inlet hose, as well as removing the battery. Its hard to reach from above, and a little worse if trying to reach it from below.

If you can rotate the VSS, its just a rubber "O" ring that is holding it in. You have to life with enough force to overcome that "O" ring being stuck to the aluminum. Be careful, the upper part of the VSS is a black plastic.
And it's VERY likely that it's frozen in place
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1999 Escort Wagon Manual Transmission.
I spent roughly 4 hours on this nightmare with absolutely no success. I even hoisted the entire front of the car up by the sensor and tapped on the sensor with a chisel while the car was lifted up by the sensor. Absolutely nothing. I have not given up, so I will post if anything I try gets this POS out of the Transmission. For those wondering where this VSS is located. Check the right of the picture below. You have to remove the Battery and Battery tray to get to it from the top.
I drilled into the center of the Sensor and then thread a self tapping bolt into the hole. I then used a 500 pound strap to put near strap breaking tension on the sensor and sprayed the sensor with WD 40. I also beat on the sensor with a pry bar and hammer. NOTHING! Not even a budge.
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Currently, I am using an App I made to see the MPH and Odometer. It's not a fix, but it works for now!
I rigged a Usb charger to the ACC power on of the radio. This allows the app to turn on with the car and shut down with the car.
Honestly, if this stupid sensor doesn't come out soon. I will just use this and mod it into the stock speedometer location, till the car stops running. LOL

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I have worked on eight 2nd gen escorts, and got the VSS out of all of them - with lenghty attempts. Sometimes four days worth. By far my best method was to take the driveline (engine and transmission) hoisted out of the car together. Two of mine were 5-speeds and needed clutch work or new shifter bushings. Then with the VSS sticking out of the transmission I could work on it on my workbench - with a couple of cheap wood chisels to hammer into the tiny space under the rim of the VSS and the differential housing on the trans.
But if your VSS can be rotated by hand, the thing holding it in is likely just a rubber "O" ring on the VSS, located in a slot about 1/8" down on the VSS, and being 'glued' onto the inside of the bore where the VSS goes, by the years of contact. . Good Luck!
You can access it better by removing driver side, interior steering link bolt and star bit on rack and pinion. Just above pedals remove the plastic covers, it sucks but nice angle for pry bar etc...
Have you ever used a gm steering lock plate depression? I'll try to get you a pick I think a threaded rod screwed into the broken sensor then through a lock plate depression a washer and a nut as you tighten the not it should pull the sensor up. Tap the center of your sensor dor a piece of all thread instead of the factory threaded rod. I think Oreillys loansvout this tool.
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