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Removing traction control

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Ok i know this isn´t a escort question, but it is a ford and car question. My freind has been lookin around on how to remove his traction controll from his 92 crown vic touring sedan. Would it involve a simple switch like a performance chip or wut else is there to it, if it is possible. Thanx for any help u can give.
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ah, very simple my friend. Open up the owners manual and look at the listing of fuses. traction control almost always has it´s own fuse. Yank the sucker out and problem solved. He may have to live with the traction control light staying on though.
Just curious,.. why does he want to remove it?
the car wont go into donuts or brake tourque, which isnt a nescasity, but its fun. lol He also likes to have more control over launches when racing because each launch seams different every time do to the traction controll detracting power from the engine to regain traction.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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