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okay....here is the deal.... my 95 LX has clearcoat peeling around the centers...I asked around on a few other sites...and peopel keep telling me if I want I can remove it myself and replace it my self. I can even " polish" my current rims before I reapply.....has anybody doen this? I was given the suggestion to use the old paint thinner/aircraft adhesive remover method. my question is...can I do this with my rims on my tires? Does this even work? i even was given the crazy idea of using Easy-off oven cleaner? And if it does work...what type of sprayable clearcoat shoudl I use? Basically...help!!! I jsut wnat to know if this works, is it worht the time and effort, and is it safe for my tires? Please give me some suggestions guys!!! My rims look terrible an dI dont´ have the cash to spare on rims.....i´m a starving college student. lol I´m open to ideas....and any advice for or against this will be helpful. I just want my little green car to stay pretty, even if I dont have stacks of green stuff to help with that.

Thanks....any help, comments , or your own experiences wiht this are helpful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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