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My front windsheild needs replaced, thats a must, it will cost me arround 150 using a used one, at a junkyard that also does glass replacement.

the rear window is wierd, it looks like it seals in. But if you take off the trim inside above it, near the headliner, there are two bolts that go to it.

so is this just a regular window that seals in like the front, or can I simply remove it, by unbolting it?

the rear glass im talking about is on a non-hatchback sedan.

nothing is wrong with the glass itself, i need a new seal arround it.

looking at this picture i need part two, the weathestrip it is 25 dollars but parts like 3 and 4, those are inside, right? my car doesnt have any other sort of trim arround the glass outside beside the weatherstrip

and is the weatherstrip glued to the car, and the glass, or just the car
is it hard to replace?
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