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For a quick background, I have a 91 escort and I saw on ebay an instrument cluster from a 92 escort with a tach in it. I thought "hey, bonus! That might just plug right in and I won't have a big bulky tach sitting on my dash!" Yeah right. To keep with my paper notes I will reference my current instrument cluster as "Old" and the new one I'm trying to install with the tach as ... well ... "New"

So I have spent hours with a pen and paper figuring out how I am going to rewire things to get this new instrument cluster in and I am just about finished except for one little thing.

There is a nice little circuit board that sits in the instrument cluster and there are some discrepencies as to what gets connected to it between Old and New. On the old one it's linked with the Check Coolant light but on the new on it is not, On the Old, a "mystery" wire would connect to Pin 8 but on the New it connects to Pin 6, etc.

So here is what my question boils down to - I need to find some circuit schematics for these circuit boards so I can figure out how I can go about hot wiring this new circuit board. On the circuit boards are stickers that have this information on a price gun like sticker:

FOCF1AA <-- this could be FzeroCF1AA
OE17A <-- this could be zeroE17A

F0CF9AB <-- this could be FzeroCF9AB

I tried putting the above into Google and nothing useful came back. Also searched through my 92 Ford service manual CD and nothing. I've been able to trace the copper patterns but I am not much further than when I started with as the compoents and circuit paths changed dramatically between the Old and the New. The only thing consistant is a transistor and a LM2902N op-amp.

And well, it's 7:30 in the morning and I've rambled enough. You guys have been great with helping out my other car problems so I hope someone can help with this strange one.

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