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Recommendation for quality rack and pinion boots

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by garyd, Jun 28, 2020 at 7:47 PM.

  1. garyd

    garyd FEOA Member

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    These boots don't seem last. They were made of rubber and have fallen apart.
    1993 escort with power steering.
    5 speed
  2. denisond3

    denisond3 Moderator Staff Member

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    south TX or northern VA
    On each of the five 2nd gen LX Escorts I drive, the boots have always held up okay. I have had to replace three of the power steering racks - due to having some play at the rim of the steering wheel, but the boots on the old ones were still in decent shape ; i.e. no cracks or tears, not mushy.
    I have had to replace a couple of sets of the bushings that hold the rack to the subframe, since they got oily any worked out of place. I always replace those when I replace a rack assembly.

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