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Rebuilding a 1.8

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Do you think it would be a bad idea to get an engine from a wrecked 2nd gen 1.8 and rebuild it? I am taking an automotive class called automotive power plants and we can take our own engines there to rebuild. I cant sacrifice mine because i need to be able to drive my car. I was just wanting to know if i could really screw myself by doing this or would this be fine because we are going to completley going to rebuild it and i would really like to put it into my car because i plan on turboing this summer and my car has 137xxx on it right now. Thanks for the input. :-]
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i bought an engine from a junk yard so that i could build one up and still drive my car. worked out perfectly. no problems since i did a complete rebuild, the engine was like new, only better! :) am selling both the built up engine and my stock engine that i pulled from my scort.
Now should i pull it from a wrecked egt or one that looks like it just died so that is why they got rid of it? Also I have never pulled an engine before and i wanted to know if it is a really hard thing to do? Thanks
no, it´s not all that hard to pull the engine. we got mine out fairly quickly. i wouldn´t pull it in a junkyard unless you got the stuff to do it. like a hoist and air gun and all that crap. you should ask and see why the car is there and if the engine runs or not. they should know that. the yard where i got mine had the engine pulled already and sitting off to the side under a garbage bag.
So, Donnie do you think it would be a good idea for me to find a 1.8 in a junk yard and rebuild that one instead of yanking mine to rebuild it? What kind of compression ratio did you rebuild yours with anyway? And did you ever have it dyno´d to see what it´s putting to out to the flywheel?
I think there´s a way that by boreing it (maybe to 2.0L), stroking it, raising compression, and putting slightly bigger fuel injectors in I think I could squeeze 250 hp out of my car naturally aspirated. If I were to bore it out to 2.0 do you think I could fit some Focus SVT heads on there? That would be sweet...
I had planned on rebuilding a 1.8, whether it be mine or a junker...I was going to get EVERYTHING for that engine BRAND new (except the block), pistons, crankshaft, cams, heads, oil pan/pump, fuel injectors, maybe a new rail, prolly keep my throttle body...I even want a new alternator, starter, PS pump, and I´ll prolly skip out on the AC. I dunno depends on what this summer is like.

Any questions, suggestions for me Donnie? please shout em off I need all the help I can get before I start on such a long and expensive project.
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*bump* everyone else is, so why can´t I? :-] hehe
heh ok here i go for my suggestions:

- make sure block is not cracked
- make sure head is not cracked
- make sure engine is in decent condition
- make sure you use proper torque for each bolt
- don´t lose parts

ummm yeh, if i think of anything else i will let you know hehe.
mine was bored over 1mm which puts it to about 2.0L. i did get on a dyno but belts came off during run so i never did get 1 solid pull. i could totally tell a difference though in the power soon as it hit like 3-4k RPM.

i do suggest you get as much as you can new. it makes for a better looking engine and also you know it´s new!
I´m sortof a n00b, but when you overbore your engine like that, do you put in new pistons, or just get slightly wider piston rings?
put in new pistons to give you the compression. if the pistons are too small the air/fuel will leak through and the oil will be sucked into the combustion chamber...you´d have to get new pistons for that size bore over...I was planning on getting new pistons anyway, as long as it´s a "for sure" non interference engine then :-]
How much should I expect to pay to get a BPD8 out of a junkyard? couple hundred bucks??
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