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Rebuild 5 Speed

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A few years ago I was quoted $3000 to rebuild 99 3rd gen 5 Speed by a competent mechanic. Meanwhile the wiring harness fell down and got wrapped around the left front axle. I was so mad I ran out and bought a new car. I'm ready to deal with the 3rd gen now. I imagine a lot of the labor is in removing the engine/trans unit as per Fords shop manual. Been there rebuilding the engine. I am considering either doing the job myself or taking the 5 speed to the mechanic. Any idea flat rate time to build the transmission only? Transmission shifts fine but 3rd member makes a lot of noise. 200,000 + miles on the car.
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3/4 shift fork is a common issue. Most people just get a used transmission and swap it, but an upgraded shift fork is available, though you will probably have to get it from Mazda. I think it's around $50.

The 03 zx2 has the upgraded shift fork from factory, but the gearing is a little different from a sedan.

As far as DIY pulling the transmission I have heard escort transmissions aren't too bad, but still haven't pulled mine yet.
My flat rate guide doesn't have transmission rebuild time it does list clutch replacement at 3.8 hours so I'd think R&R time on the transmission is under 3. I'm going to look at my car right now brb.
even if there was a flat rate time still, no one will follow that anymore. its a 'suggested' time, and not set in stone. problem is most trans shops wont even mess with it due to the lack of support in parts these days. most will tell you to get a reman.
Need flat rate time. That would give me a ball park idea. Bearings are probably not going to a problem to source. I seriously doubt gears are bad. Maybe differential gears would be.Used transmission would be iffy. Would go that route if I could source one really cheap. Who remans these?
trans r&r book time is 6.2
11.8 overhaul
add 1.5 for diff

as far as reman youd have to look at companies like atk, stuff like that.
gears are probably fine. bearings will probably be fairly easy to source, but the things that would most likeky be harder to come by are synchro rings and bushings, stuff like that.
Clutch R&R. 3.8 by the professional labor guide we used at the dealership. I haven't done an escort transmission,but if they are similiar to the festiva 5 speeds that was one of the easiest transmissions I've ever been into. First and only time I had Publication Book Font Material property Wood
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4 or 5 hours into,maybe less wasn't timing it. For the festiva I was able to find s factory shop manual online it was a pita using my phone as a service manual on a transmission,you are probably going to need bearings,synchros,seals,probably an anaerobic sealer. Those are the basics,and usually all that's needed. For the money time and expierience involved I have to agree with who ever told you get a junk yard transmission,drain and fill it once a year,treat it nice it will probably out last the rest of the car.
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