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rear interior cover???

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Hi all, Just got an 88 EXP.Where can I get a cover that goes over the cargo bay, underneath the HUGE rear hatchback. Dont know the proper name for this part either.
Thank you for any info

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Try to find one in your local junkyard somewhere. I know the part you´re talking about, but i don´t know the technical name for it either. It´s just a cover to keep people outside your car from seeing what you have in there.
The only place you´ll find that is at a junkyard, and those are one of the hardest parts to get from my own experience. Good luck.
Thanks guys, I will try the junkyard. Didn´t want to. Thought there might be an aftermarket source for them.

Thanks again...Happy holidays
Unfortuneately there´s not a lot of aftermarket support for Escorts...especially 1G and XR3´s. I´ve found if you find the right places you can find a lot of XR4Ti stuff though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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