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Rear Defrost Button

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Mine is shot, and im going to ask a friend to grab me one from a salvage in his town.. around 1 hour from me. I have 1995 Escort GT, which years and models will be the same?
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Hey Nuke!
My 91 and my 94 have the same switch, but the dash was changed in 95, and then again in 97, and it doesn´t look like the older switch would work in your car. Not sure about the 3g switch tho. I´m pretty sure you need a defroster switch from a 95 or 96. Won´t matter if it´s an LX or GT because the switch is the same.
Good luck and happy hunting!
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yeah my switch needs to be replaced cause I need to hold it down before it works.
ya ditto.. the latch seems to be stuck.. and we just got 18 cm of snow last night :S!
You could always just buy a switch... like a normal flippero kinda switch...
You could try to rebuild the switch. That´s what I did. It was pretty easy. Mine is a 93 though. It would blow the fuse every time I turned it on. I took it apart and just cleaned out all the soot, and now it is perfect again. There is a little spring that alternates between holning the button in and not holding it in. It might have fallen loose. If any part is broken in there, though, you probably can´t fix it.
hmm.. thats a GOOD idea siragan.. i already have 3 switches in my dash


I might as well just hook that up... is it just an on off switch?>
Yeah Nuke, unlike every other car I´ve owned, the scort has a simple on/off switch for the defrost. I mean the switch doesn´t leave it on for a while and then automatically turn it off. Should be easy to wire it to your other switch once you get at it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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