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Lately i have seen this site going downhill....not by the posts but people thinking about the posts who cares if there isnt a how to every five seconds just about everyone on here knows where to get carbon fiber hoods clear corners and god knows what else for a escort i get at least 2 hits a day on my cardomain page about clear corners or carbon fiber hoods this site is filled with info its great for escort owners we make it what it is yeha maybe stories need to get cut back but look here im wasting time and space making a post about this when i didnt have to only because some people lately have been getting aggravated because there question doesnt get answered my questions rarely get answered i try to answer other peoples questions asap if i dont know it i share a personal story or make a joke big whoop who cares i didnt answer your question if your a human being you should get a lugh out of it (my jokes and personal stories arent that bad) What im trying to say is i really dont know im rambling on in hopes of peace..look at escortfrigginracing they have like 4000 users (not sure about that #) but all you see is he said she said mine is nicer mine is better civics are gay bullshit and its ridiculous yeha maybe i'd like to see a little more help and less stories but hey we all get laughs very rarely laugh at eachother its usually with and thats more that i can say for us or escortracing or fordescortonline ever go to that place? its like being in school 24/7 no fun all work and no play makes jack a dull boy......with those final words just relax and sharpen up a little not eevrything is about modding drive your scort be happy your on the inside of feoa cause if your not on the inside your on the outside and that sucks just ask the guy trying to sell those fenders :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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