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rattling under engine bay? heat shield?

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I just got back from a NASTY drive on highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary(only you canadian people would understand why that is sooo nasty...).

Anyway, at one point during my trip, I buried the hammer completely and change(not pennies either...) im thinking about 165km/h(not sure what that is in Miles...) Keep in mind I drive a not so tuned up 93 LX. How bad of an idea would tihs be on a scale of 1-10. 10 being the worst.

The reason I ask. Is that I have this rattling sound underneath my hood since that moment I never had before. And the only thing I could think of is that it is a Heat shield on my exhaust. I dont know if this would be related or not. But I was just curious.

If it is the heat shield, how easy is that to refasten properly?


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i used large hose clamps and wraped them around both ends. i had the welds bust off mine, it works just tighten them tight
Just take it to the corner service station or muffler shop, they should be able to fix it the right way quickly and inexpensively.Unless you know someone who welds.
I tried tightening it by myself but of course that was no use. Its friggin annoying. If I had a good recorder and an audio input I would put the sound file up for you guys to listen to. Gimme a better idea, cuz I might have the wrong idea all together.

I was trying to time trial my car for 0-60 just for one, to compare with other friends, and I burnt my clutch out three times. god did that stink! I hope I didnt cause too much serious damage. I wish I knew more about the history of my car so I had an idea of past repairs.


just for the record, that was supposed to be temporary to see if that is what was rattling. i don´t want to be known as the guy who rigs stuff up the wrong way in the forum. sometimes you just ain´t got much money and you need to rig it for the time being.
Hey, I understand. Nothing wrong with that. Im a huge duct tape fan myself. Not for exhaust obviously...


No man I completely see where you are coming from, I bought some of those cheezy wheel covers for my girl´s car and in the process of taking off the stock hub caps and rings I found three hub caps were rigged on.No big deal right? wrong the new covers don´t fit right and the old ones were toast, so I had to zip tie em on temporarily till I could find some retainers, I never found any that would work.so they stayed that way for months, until I got so pissed off I bought some plumbers tape and made some myself.
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