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Rattlig noise when accelerating

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Wheh i accelerate quickly, or aggresivly, there is a slight rattle from somewhere. I need some help, but if none of you can, i am getting many things done this week at my mechanic so I will ask him. THanks guys.
P.S. i have a GT
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Check your heat shields that follows the exhaust system. They loosen up. Most times you can just remove them, and nothing will happen. Teh cat though can toast your floors, and warm the feet.

Give that a shot...
Im going through the exact same thing right now. The rattle, its quite annoying. I want to get in and get it done right, but if I can just remove it I dont see why I wouldnt just do that.

would it be too hot though?
If it sounds like the vibration is coming from below the car, just about below your shifter, you should check the catolytic conveter. The heat shields on the cat like to rattle as they get old. Both of my escorts do it around 4250rpm during medium to heavy acceleration. Its like a cross between a rattle and a screetch.

You may be experiencing detonation (pinging). If you advanced your timing too far or aren´t using a high enough octane, that´s what it would sound like.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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