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Ranting about headlights...

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We had a problem with the 1998 Grand Prix GTP for the past couple of months. Every now and then, but mainly in the rain/high humidity, the interior dash lighting would flicker and switch between dash, driver info, radio, climate control. And the headlamps would flicker and flash, making the car undriveable unless I wanted to attract attention. One night on the freeway, the lights did cut off. That was fun, finding the side of the road without lights. Anyways, after tracing the wiring, modules, etc etc, it´s the bulb. Simple little headlamp bulb. It´s Murphy´s Law! A $26,000 car is rendered useless in order to protect a $6 bulb cartridge. Bulb had an intermittent short. Should have just blown but no, it had to have some fun first. After replacing both front light bulbs, everything is fine again. How about that eh? Sometimes I wonder if technology is worth the trouble.
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