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Ok last night i got bored and went out for a drive at about 11pm or so. I decided to go down Coliseum Blvd because it has 3 lanes and lots of stop lights. I was just driving around, laid back at the speed limit when i noticed this Ford Ranger Sport edition jump off the line and take off, I started grinning ear to ear, caught up, found an open lane and pulled up next to him. Here it is, my chance to see what my stock car can run against. well, like the last time, he started to jump, so i started to inch with him, the light turned green, and BAM i let the clutch off at only 2500 rpms. Well, He didn´t get past my gas tank door, even as i was shifting to second, by the time i hit 55 mph i looked back and he´d given up. so i slowed down and started to do a victory dance. Later down the same road we were just driving at the limit when he decided to catch up to me, so i dropped a gear and sped up and up and up, well then i noticed 70 mph...shit don´t need a ticket so i backed off at which time he flew by me and got onto US 30 leaving town, i followed him... but then he started mingling with a dodge durango, which he made mad...the durango started brake checking him at 60 mph and so i decided to just be on my way. so i turned around and went back down Coliseum.
Well, here came this Early 90s Cavalier Z24 flying past me at 70 with three people in it. If there wasn´t a Blazer with the words ft wayne fire dept. on it behind me, i would have screwed with him too but i thought nah one kill is good enough for me. Then i finally went home and sat around for another few hours. Yet, i was happier.
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