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so i've got this 89 scort that i've had about 8 months. about 4 months ago out of the blue i have a random miss. i've replaced wires, the cap and rotor, plugs are 7k miles old, the injector has been cleaned, new fuel filter, air filter, yet it still misses in any rpm when it's cold and occationally but not as much when it is hot. what's goin on here??

another thing that could be related but probably not... i'll give a recent situation in which it happened. at work, drove there fine, on my lunch break and head to the ampm, works fine, i go to leave ampm and check engine light is on. as i'm leaving, i can give it up to maybe a quarter thottle and it works eh, runs somewhat smooth and moves, but once i cross a line it sounds like it's trying to either flood out or it's not firing. goes quiet and sputters out until i let off the gas and keeps running. so i make it back to work, turn the car off and it works fine, not a problem. i leave work after my shift is up and still nothing wrong with it.

any ideas?? i'm sick of thowing money at a $150 car for shit that isnt what's wrong. please help!
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