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Radiator ~

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Where can I get a new one, or is there a way to fix the old one ? Its leaking from the side.
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Where in ontario are you? I could find one for you. Aftermarket, OEM, what ever you want.
Ottawa... !! After market would be nice ... or OEM .. :-]
Im in Brampton, that doesn´t really help. But try UAP or a local jobber, or even crappy tire. Or if you want you could drive to brampton and I could give you my price on a ford rad. Cost plus 10% can´t remember off hand what it is, but its more than a jobber. :-]
So do you know what one would go for.
hey dreamland do you go to the underground races in the summer??

if you do i´ll probably see you and your car there!

For a ford rad, your looking at 319.93 retail if you come through me its 227.00 or so. I haven´t got a price on aftermarket yet............... hold on...
ring.....ring..... 225.00. Hmmmm, thats weird. Well they both seem high, and they dont include taxes.
you can buy my radiator for $1500. It comes with everything behind it too... just kidding
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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