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last night was the night of races for my scort.

i was on the interstate and there´s a chevy cavalier goin flyin past me. i finally caught up, or rather maybe he slowed down because he wanted to race. we were already cruisin around 85, i had a passenger with me, i think he was alone. we were next to each other, he took off. i then slammed down the gas and proceeded to take that bitch. we got to about 100 i was passing him up but the road i was on always has cops and i don´t like goin that fast with passengers so after i passed him up i slowed down kinda a pussy move but oh well better than dying. all my escort has is intake, and the timing chain needs to be replaced. that cavalier had exhaust intake probly some other stuff done so i was pretty happy but kinda sad i thought the escort would have had less trouble with a cavalier.

then i raced a 200sx and tore him up. he was alone.
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Really depends on the cavalier they have different trim levels just like scorts.My buddie has a Z24 that he used to be really proud of he bought it used for like $7000 and I come up to help a friend of ours with her scort.I was driving an 88GT that I bought for my then girlfriend for $125 at a towing auction.Needless to say we took both cars to where the escort was broke down.We were playing around until we hit about 90mph and then it was for braggin rights we hit it and that poor little car had nothin at about 115mph I left him. Now both cars were completly stock but he paid about $6875 more!ha hah ha!
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