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quickest way to.......

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hey partners, my engine and clutch is all reassembled, everything is ready to go, now i just can´t get it to start....what i need to know is what is the quickest way to pressurize my fuel line/system??? i prefer to have a quick answer if possible.........
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If you just turn the key but don´t crank it over then it should turn on the fuel pump and pressurize it.
thnx partner...

now my next question..........is it possible for my car to become outta time just but switching a clutch?
Did you remove the distrbutor when you took the tranny out??? If not then there is no way the ignition timing should be off. What makes you think it is out of time??
well, after i reassembled everything, fixed everything i broke (distributor cap/ignition coil), well, the just won´t start....it gets gas/spark/ and the engine turns, all it does is pop pop pop pop....and it never turns over...the car started before we did the clutch, and was completely not starting...i´m lost, i have no idea what the heck is wrong....

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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