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Quick..to the Matmobile!

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I had myself a good laugh today. For the first time ever the scort actually became a backup car. You see normally the shoe is on the other foot. My car breaks down and someone has to drive me all over. Not this time. I was on my way to work with my mom (we both got hired for the same company); and she was driving my grandfather´s 96 oldsmobile ceirra. Well we noticed the temp gauge go waayyy up and there was no heat coming from the vents. We pulled over and sure enough the car was boiling over (strange considering it was -1 degrees out :-o ). So anyway we drove back and got the matmobile and didn´t have any more problems the rest of the day. It must´ve been the cold weather because the old-mobile is working just fine now.

In other news (I know I´ve written enough already); I DID mention that I got a job before, which means when I get my first paycheck I will finally be a paying member. I will also be able to do some much needed repairs to the scort and maybe have enough left over to do some mods. :cool:
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haha thats great man. cool I love your sig. lol built mazda tough. :-]
<--starts singing Zoom Zoom Zoom

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