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quick clutch question

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My clutch is slipping on my 93 egt 5-speed, how much will it cost to get a new one put in, (I already checked on prices of cluthes...anywhere from 100 with no warranty to 200 with lifetime warranty)? please help quick!
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It cost me about 600 for a new clutch with installation charges...and I believe it took the shop two days to do it. they´re lazy and overpriced though. I didn´t have much of a choice because my clutch blew and i didn´t trust it to drive it to the shop I wanted to.
it´s gonna cost $400 for installation?!
That depends on the shop. I got screwed, doesn´t mean you will ;-)
do you really think it is worth a stage 2 clutch or not, and will it be any harder/more expensive to put a stage 2 one on?
on a stock motor, I don´t think it´d be worth it. it´d grab and get you off the line slightly quicker though. just depends on what you wanna spend right now.
mine cost about 525.....thats 120 for the clutch kit.....like 65 for the flywheel shave...and the rest in labor......
Uh If ya´ll are willing to pay that much for clutch jobs, come see me.... I paid 140 for the clutch 30 to cut the flywheel and did the work myself in about 4 hours. If you don´t have a lot of experience taking front wheel drive trannies out, then it will about double that time.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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